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Love knows no Borders  Treasures of theAmazon River

To STOP the Human Trafficking of children on the Amazon River.

Amazon River Boat Project

Supplied: $40,000       

 Text "Ahoy" to 206-859-9405 to sow a seed today.

Captain Rex Partners & Financiers 

Because of your faith, love, prayers  & generosity, WE are accomplishing something that is GREATER than what we could do on or own.  TOGETHER, we are spreading the WORD, impacting lives and changing the world!  We travel the World free of charge bringing an EXCELLENCE

of ministry to every location & showing the LOVE of Jesus to ONE life at a time.

 Text "Ahoy" to 206-859-9405 to sow a seed today.


Renaissance Faire Outreach  January - April

To show God's LOVE by meeting the needs of others.

Food project

$5 provides a meal for someone

2017 Meals Provided: 2,550          2018 Meals Remaining: 5,000





Missionaries to a Generation 

To GO around the WORLD with a full crew holding LIVE events free of charge!

Short Term Goal:  $3,000 monthly of financial support from Partners  

Live Event past Projects:

Road Crew Rig:

1995 Freightliner

Supplied: Go Ministries

Tour Bus Project  

1973 Silver Eagle Bus

$1,750 supplies a ton

Supplied: 20 ton   

outreach Project

Ship Trailer / Stage

Supplied:  $10,000 

Touring Vehicle

Supplied: $5,000   

Production Trailer

Supplied: $7,000   

Diesel Box Truck

Supplied: 1998 Ford

People Hauler
Supplied: 2008 Diesel Shuttle Bus


God shall SUPPLY all your NEEDS...

You have not because you ASK not...

ASK and you shall RECEIVE...


Captain Rex LIV2016  REPORT:

Opportunity to minister to

114,918 people LIVE
in 221 Services/Shows

& led  24,010 people

in the  Salvation Prayer!

starboard Supply

Current Projects:

Outdoor Equipment  

Lights & Sound for the outdoor outreaches.

$100 supplies a fixture.

Supplied: 45 fixtures    Remaining: 50 fixtures

Diesel Box Truck

$1,000 supplies a foot

This vehicle will pull the "ship" and hold all the equipment for the outdoor outreaches.

30 feet and the truck is supplied

Amazon River Supplies


International Headquarters

Filming Studio & HQ  (housing for the Crew)


Tour Bus/Rig              

For Administrative Staff

and small crew events