Treasuresof the Amazon River

Jewelry available!

In September 2015, LaDonna and I visited Brazil to put on shows in the small fishing village of Timbo on the Amazon River.  There was about 100 little kids in the village that came out and saw us.  We put on a show about not being afraid and gave out yo-yos, soccer balls, pieces of eight coins, balloons, etc. 

That evening the whole village came out and there was a good number of teenage boys, but ONLY 2 teenage girls.  Why? I thought.  Answer: 

Their parents had sold all the other teenage girls into prostitution and sex trafficking. 

This broke my heart and I knew something had to be done, or all these other little girls will be sold within 3 years.  The parents don't WANT to sell their children, but this is the only way they know how to get money to survive.  In the village of Timbo, Passion & Compassion Ministries has taught the ladies how to make beautiful jewelry made from seeds and berries in the Amazonian jungle.  I then came up with the plan to help them establish an economy in the village so that NO other children would be sold into human trafficking.   The villagers make jewelry which is sold across the world and all proceeds goes back into the village.

Treasure of the Amazon River is NOT the jewelry, but the children.  Now that the economy is established in Timbo, we will travel to the next village and establish an economy there, and then the next village, and the next... until ALL the Treasures of the Amazon River are safe.     -Captain Rex

Treasures of the Amazon River