History of Brandon Rex Sanders

  1995 - Graduates from Copperas Cove High School with Honors.

  1997 - Graduates from Bee County College with an Associates in Theatre.

  1999 - Graduates from Texas A&M University Kingsville with a Bachelors in Theatre & Education.

  2000 - Starts X-treme Uth Ministries in Copperas Cove, TX as an outreach to teenagers with a Youth Center and weekly services.

  2000 – Hired by the Copperas Cove Independent School District as the Fine Arts Administrator and theatre arts teacher.

  2004 – Opens a School of Fine Arts specializing in acting and musical theatre for children.
  2005 – Purchases the Downtown Cove Movie Theatre & starts Cove Live Community Theatre which showcases his production and directing ability.

  2008 - Becomes the Executive Administrative Pastor at North Pointe Church.
  2009 - Begins his professional acting career by acting in a pirate stunt show at SeaWorld.

  2010 - Transitions into film; acting in movies such as True Grit and Green Lantern.

  2011 - Speaks at his first Youth Camp for kids as "Ranger Rex".
  2012 - Creates Captain Rex's Treasure Adventure and begins filming the television show.

  2013 - Captain Rex LIVE stage show is created which Brandon tours the nation with his family performing.

  2014 - Begins an intern program adding more crew.

  2015 - While performing a show on the Amazon River, Brandon sees the first hand effects of Human Trafficking of children being sold into prostitution. 

  2016 - Creates a non-profit organization named Treasures of the Amazon River to stop the human trafficking of children on the Amazon River.

  2017 - Launches Captain Rex International Ministries traveling the World (12 different countries) such as India, Africa, Brazil, and Mexico.

  2018 - Relocates from San Marcos, TX to Copperas Cove, TX to build International Head Quarters.

Captain Rex Code

I hereby decree,

To denounce the ways of piracy.

To give and not take.

To love and not hate.

To honor and obey the Captain,

my parents, and God at all times.

To read my map daily, 

and always follow my compass.

To keep the wind in my sails,

and Jesus in my heart.

Aye Aye.

Captain Rex International Ministries

Our Vision: Changing the World one LIFE at a time!

Captain Rex once was a pirate, plunderin' what he thought was treasure.  One day, he accepted Jesus Christ as his Lord and Savior, and now Captain Rex is the Christian Sailor who sails the seven seas on adventures to find the REAL treasure... TREASURE that can change your life! 

Our Mission is to be a World Changer by leading millions to Christ with Captain Rex's Treasure Adventure  LIVE events, TV show & Mission Adventures.

Our Strategic Areas of Focus:
LIVE Events  (Crusades, Camps, Community Outreaches, Festivals, Family Events)
TV Show  (DVDs, Cable/Satellite, Full Feature Film)
Mission Adventures (Treasures of the Amazon River & Renaissance Festivals)

Our Core VALUES: (T.I.E.S.)
Timeliness     Integrity     Excellence     Smiles

Captain Rex is:
Brandon Rex Sanders

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